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Little Sisters by Vonda N. McIntyre

Little Sisters
A new short story, companion piece to “Little Faces.”
A Book View Café original EPUB or MOBI/Kindle.

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  • The Moon and the Sun: Motion Picture coming soon, by producer Bill Mechanic and Pandemonium Pictures (Coraline, The New World), and director Sean McNamara. Read about my visit to Versailles at the Book View Café blog
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Most of my backlist and some of my short stories are available at the Book View Café eBookstore.

  • “Little Sisters,” a new short story, a companion piece to “Little Faces”
  • The Starfarers Quartet Omnibus
  • Starfarers (Starfarers Quartet, Book 1)
  • Transition (Starfarers Quartet, Book 2)
  • Metaphase (Starfarers Quartet, Book 3)
  • Nautilus (Starfarers Quartet, Book 4)
  • Superluminal
  • The Exile Waiting, my first novel
  • “Little Faces,“ Nebula-nominated novelet
  • Barbary, an SF novel for younger readers
  • “The Adventure of the Field Theorems,” a Sherlock Holmes Scientific Romance
  • “Supreme Court of the United States Defines Personhood” (flash fiction satire)
  • “Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand,” Nebula Award, Hugo nomination
  • Flyers, two linked stories: “Wings” and “The Mountains of Sunset, the Mountains of Dawn”
  • Outcasts, three stories: “The Genius Freaks,” “Screwtop,” and “Steelcollar Worker”
  • Pitfalls of Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy: General Useful Information & Other Opinionated Comments

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